Lagavulin Distillery

  • Lagavulin distillery established in 1816, by John Johnston.

  • Whisky distillery from Islay region in Scotland.

  • Produces Single Malt Whisky & has capacity 2.25 million litres per annum.

  • The distillery is open, operated by United Distillers & owned by Diageo from 1997 – present.

  • Lagavulin can claim to be one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, records show that there was illicit distillation taking place on the site as far back as 1742. During 1941-1945 distillery is closed because of WWII. In 1948 introduced electric light. In 1952 a devastating fire broke out due to an explosion. In 1962 distillery refurbushed by owner James Logan Mackie & Co. In 1969 added steam heating. In 1996 added a new mashtun and automated control system. The visitor centre opened in 1998.

Lagavulin Logo 1816 single malt whisky distillery islay region scotland

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