glenlivet aberlour 12 yo 1970s | 43% pure malt


A miniature of Glenlivet – Aberlour 12 yo 1970s ,  Pure Malt Whisky from Speyside district in Scotland. This square miniature, bottled probably in the 1970’s at 43% abv 70 proof (1 2/3 fl. Oz) 4.7cl.



Honeyed and fragrant, starting on notes of old roses, sandalwood, incense, old leather and moist cigar box, then acacia honey and pollen, discrete sherry, eucalyptus with fresh peppermint leaves, finally, caramel and vanilla with hint of coal smoke, superb and extremely elegant.


Weaker and faded, with notes of cardboard, then hint of tea, really thin mouth feel.


Rather medium finish length, mostly with almonds and vanilla.


Amazing nose!

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