banff 1976 jm | 57.1% james macarthur's


A 50ml miniature of Banff 1976 JM , Old Masters range by James Macarthur’s (JM) of Edinburgh. Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Eastern Highlands. Bottled at 57.1% abv.



Soft and mineral, with citrus peels, some grassy notes and hints of peat, then, slightly dryness, caramel, oak and some spices.


Almost fresh, with citrus like lemon and orange, hints of honey and vanilla, more peat than on the nose, oak and slightly bitterness in the end.


Satisfyingly length finish, with lingering warm spiciness, peat, ginger and citrus peels again, a great battle between sourness, sweetness and bitterness.


Smooth and well balanced, nicely drinkable for 57.1% abv, actually almost soft but with rich elements.

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