benriach 1996 - 2014 | 52.2% mos


A 50ml miniature of BenRiach 1996 , over 18 years, from Malts of Scotland (MoS).

Cask No. 14017 , Bourbon Hogshead. Single Malt Whisky from Speyside district in Scotland.

Distilled in 1996 and bottled in 2014 at 52.2% abv.

One of 96 miniatures.



Lot of white fruits with peach, bananas, pears and pineapple cream, the fruitiness is nicely balanced by honeycombs with hint of vanilla and caramel, finally some herbs, mint and ivy.


Creamy and very smooth with a honeyed sweetness, fruits are back again in form of grapes, yellow raisins, pineapples and mountain peach, then spicy of pepper and touch of caramel in the end.


Quite long length finish, with a dry sweetness from oak and cinnamon, licorice, then wood polish, dark chocolate and herbs.


Very fruity and smooth cask strength single malt.

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