bowmore 17 yo | 43% (screen print label)


A 50ml miniature of Bowmore 17 yo , Screen Print Label, old presentation. Single malt whisky from Islay in Scotland. Bottled in the 1990’s at 43% abv.



Fresh blood oranges (a little less ‘acidulated’ than regular ones), passion fruits, smoke (fireplace), shoe polish and something faintly metallic that’s often to be found in Bowmores from that era in our opinion. Very nice nose, getting a tad rounder and mellower after a few minutes, more honeyed. Loses a little ‘vivacity’.


Honeyed notes being right there together with quite some pepper and ginger. Gets then a little thick and faintly cardboardy and drying at the same time, maybe lacking a little more depth. As expected, there’s also a lot of salt.


A little short, maybe a little more on fruit drops. Less smoky but even saltier.


A great nose and a palate that’s more than okay.

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