bowmore 1989 mos 11004 | 51.2%


A 50ml miniature of Bowmore 1989 MoS , from Malts of Scotland.

Cask No. 11004 , Bourbon Hogshead, Single Malt Whisky from Islay in Scotland.

Distilled on 10.1989 and bottled on 10.2011 at 51.2% abv.

One of 96 miniatures.



Grass and hay, with some citrus, vanilla and sweet peat, also some ashes and seaweed.


Mineraly and slightly dry, with grass and hay again, lots of liquorice and strong notes of citrus, hints of tea, oak, peat and lingering spiciness in the background.


Rather long length finish, with grass, pepper and salt, again notes of tea, peat and lingering dryness in the end.


Really grassy and peaty, with slightly citrus, some spices and sea breeze.

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