chivas royal salute 21yo ruby | 40%


A 50ml miniature of Chivas Royal Salute 21yo Ruby , Scotch Whisky. Matured in Oak Casks and bottled at 40%, in handcrafted British porcelain flagons.
Launched in three collectible colours, inspired by the jewels in the Coronation crown: Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald.



Powerful, with sweet pears and citrus fruits which are nicely balanced with the full fragrance of flowers, hints of sweet vanilla with a somewhat dry oakiness and a touch of smoke.


Complex, with rich sweet orange marmalade flavours that infuse nicely with fresh pears, rich spices and a nuttiness of hazelnuts that have a mouth-filling intensity and then the final warmth from hints of masculine smokiness.


A long lingering dry finish, with a rich sherry notes and nice warming smoky.


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