dallas dhu 17yo 1974 sv | 43% cask 1496


A 50ml miniature of Dallas Dhu 17yo 1974 SV , for Vintage Collection Bottling Serie from Signatory Vintage (SV).

Cask No. 1496, Matured in Oak Casks, Single Malt Whisky from Speyside region in Scotland.

Distilled on 17.07.1974 and bottled on 03.1992 at 43% abv.

Bottle Number: 234 of 2400 mini bottles.



Fresh, with lemon, grass and some aromatic flowers, like in a bathroom or spa, then, some metallic elements and hints of rubber, butterscotch and strong notes of yeast in the end.


Lemon and grassy notes again, with hints of dried fruits and touch of some spices, a little bit dry and slightly bitter, but all together with lingering strange and strong chemical elements.


Rather medium length finish, but probably only because of the chemical elements, the yeast and the butterscotch is still there.


Really strange taste and aftertaste, but nose is interesting, actually elegant.

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