dumbarton 29yo 1961 sv | 46% signatory vintage


A 50ml miniature of Dumbarton 29yo 1961 SV , for Vintage Collection Bottling Serie from Signatory Vintage (SV).

Cask No. 10277-10280 , Matured in Oak Wood, Pure Grain Whisky from Lowland district in Scotland.

Distilled on 19.01.1961 and bottled on 02.1990 at 46% abv.

Bottle Number: 954 of 2400 mini bottles.



Vanilla, some toffee and hints of butterscotch, then, a little bit grassy notes with some herbal notes and slightly spices.


Unexpectedly chemical with various and powerful chemical elements, so it is difficult for further tasting and discovery of other flavors.


Rather medium length finish, but still is chemical…


The nose is interesting without being something wow, then on the taste is fairly chemical, essentially is difficult to drink.

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