glen spey 21yo 1970 jm | 55.4%


A 50ml miniature of Glen Spey 21yo 1970 JM , Fine Malt Selection range by James Macarthurs (JM) of Edinburgh. Single Malt Whisky from Speyside region in Scotland. Bottled at 55.4% abv.



Natural, earthy and very grassy, with strong notes of lemon flavors like the lemon grass, lemon juice and lemon peels, some floral notes and hints of white wine.


Very grassy, with tons of lemons and gentle sweetness at the begining, then, hints of white wine, subtle notes of spices and lingering bitterness.


Short to medium length finish, with the same flavors from the nose and taste, more spices notes and the bitterness is still there.


Not complex, is rather simple, but it is interestingly surprising by its natural and earthy side with the many lemon flavors.

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