glenturret 10 yo still | 40%


A 40ml miniature of Glenturret 10 yo Still , Single Malt Whisky from South Highlands region in Scotland. Matured in Oak Casks and bottled at 40% abv. Miniature decanters form Glenturret, made to resemble stills.



Fresh green fruits, especially apple, malted barley, then, honey, vanilla and some spices, like nutmeg and cinnamon, finally, notes of lemon peels.


Quite creamy and slightly oily, with plenty of bittersweet cereals, honey and vanilla again, then, green apples covered by cinnamon, lingering lemon notes with the dry and spicy edge.


Short length finish, with a similar pattern of the palate, slightly sugary sweeter notes and oaky dryness in the background.


Fine spring whisky, moreless dry, but not bad.

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