glenturret 13 yo 5000 days old | 40%


A 50ml miniature of Glenturret 13 yo 5000 Days Old with black label. Pure Single Malt Whisky by Glenturret distillery from South Highlands region in Scotland. Bottled in the 1980’s at 40% abv.



Rather expressive but very grainy and mashy at first nosing, with also notes of wet cardboard and ginger tonic. Gets then nicer, with hints of bitter oranges, newly cut hay and tea. Lots of paraffin as well and lots of roasted chestnuts, together with hints of lavender flowers and overripe apples. Rather unusual.


A little weak at first sip, with hints of apple juice, tea and cereals, then quite cardboardy and finally a little vanilla and maybe a little crystallized ginger.


Fairly weak finish.


The strong part is the fragrance.

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