glenturret 15 yo still | 57.7%


A 40ml miniature of Glenturret 15 yo Still , Single Malt Whisky from South Highlands region in Scotland. Matured in Sherry Cask and bottled at 57.7% abv. Miniature decanters form Glenturret, made to resemble stills.



Surprisingly quite mellow, with some nuts, toffee and some dried fruits, then, sandalwood and fresh edge with herbal notes.


Well balanced and deep, with plenty of sherry, some dried fruits and ripe plums, then, lingering sweetness of some toffee, and hints of walnuts in the end.


Medium length finish, slightly sweet and warm, with notes of sherry in the background and finally some spices.


With water, the nose and taste becomes sweeter, with notes of burnt brown sugar and hints of burnt wood.

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