highland park 40 yo | 48.3%


Back in April 2008 launched Highland Park 40 yo , at the time the oldest whisky ever bottled by the distillery. The strength is relatively high at 48.3% abv to deliver maximum flavour. This 50ml miniature presented in a high quality oak wooden box. Single Malt Whisky from Orkney district in Scotland.

The critics adored it, Highland Park 40 Year Old named World’s Best New Release at the World Whisky Awards in 2009 and Jim Murray described it as “sheer poetry” in his Whisky Bible 2010.



The nose is delicate and intricate, with honey and sweet spices with a deep, dark chocolate, then green grass and heather.


This whisky sparkles in mouth and it has a definite flavor of dried fruit, but without being overly fruity or sweet. There is also the expected peat smoke. An undertone of fruit gives Highland Park 40 Year a fresh, zesty taste.


The finish is long and smoky, with an extended citrus taste and a bitter touch of oak wood, it leaves in mouth an aromatic flavor that lasts.


This whisky is perfection in a bottle, it has a balance of flavor that will please any whisky lover. The combination of fruit and spice with smoke and wood, underscored by freshness and zest, creates a unique pleasant.

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