isle of jura 8 yo 1970s | 40%


An old 50 ml miniature of Isle of Jura 8 yo 1970s . Pure Malt Whisky from the mysterious Isle of Jura in Scotland, produced in the late 1970s and bottled at 40% abv. Though it was made over around 40 years ago, the bottle still has the very distinctive shape.



Starts on big bold notes of passion fruits, guavas, lemon juice… Incredibly fruity. Develops on ‘arranged’ rum (with pineapple), banana flambéed, getting quite peppery (white pepper) with also a little cactus juice, tangerines… What a great surprise!


Not too powerful but superbly orangey and spicy (cloves, pepper, nutmeg) and then very tropical again (mangos).


The finish is rather long and quite peppery… Wow, Jura!


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