miltonduff 1980 - 2011 | 44.7% mos


A 50ml miniature of Miltonduff 1980 , from Malts of Scotland (MoS).

Cask No. 12429 , Bourbon Hogshead, Single Malt Whisky from Speyside in Scotland.

Distilled on 09.1980 and bottled on 01. 2011 at 44.7% abv.

One of 192 miniatures.



Hints of green banana, mango and sweet pineapple, mixed with freshly apples sprinkled by honey, lemon and vanilla, some herbs and soft spices.


More citrus fruits and more spices, with vanilla and strongest pepper, a little sour stewed apples that covered by cinnamon, lingering lemon tea with honey and oak in the end.


Rather long length finish, in the beginning fruity but then strong dark chocolate, some spices, oak and slightly dryness.


Nicely balanced old malt, complex with a lovely creamy fruitiness nose, good drinkable with or nor water, but this dram surely need time…

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