nikka rye base | 43%


An old 50ml miniature of Nikka Rye Base , Japanese Whisky from Malt & Rye by Nikka Whisky. Bottled probably in the late 1980’s at 43% abv.



Delightful, with vanilla, rye and rye bread spices like fennel, aniseed, cardamom, then, ginger bread, caramel, malt and lacquered teak.


As tasty as the nose is delightful, with vanilla and caramel, toasty rye, lacquered teak again, then, peanut butter, balanced sweet and savory spices and plenty of ginger bread in the end.


Rather short length finish, with some same flavours of the taste, toasty rye and malt, mixed sweet and savory spices, a little oak and mint ice cream.


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