port charlotte 2002 - 2010 | 64.2% mos


A 50ml miniature of Port Charlotte 2002 , by Malts of Scotland (MoS).

Cask No. 1172 , Bourbon Hogshead, Single Malt Whisky from Islay in Scotland.

Distilled on 08.11.2002 and bottled on 09.2010 at 64.2% abv.

One of 192 miniatures.



Something more than the alcohol, pickles and olives, then, lemon juice and ginger, finally, touch of wet hay and hints of leather.


Strong, oily and sweet, with caramel, honey and ginger, then, smoky with notes of pepper, with water grassier and drier, with salt and brin.


Long finish length, very briny, sweet peat and silt.


Sparkling and lively, with emphasis on sweet and farmy turf, in short, very good stuff.

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