speyburn 10 yo old label | 40%


A 50 ml miniature of oldest Speyburn 10 yo Old Label. Single Malt Whisky from Speyburn distillery and Speyside district in Scotland. Matured in Bourbon Barrels and bottled around in 2000 – 2001 at 40% abv.



The nose is fresh and mild spicy, then lots of honey,  sweet malt, vanilla, ripe fruits and some tropical fruits like pineapple and mango, finally citrus and notes of parsley…very interesting nose from oldest era.


The palate is creamy and fruity, reminds nectarines, plum and hints of banana, then again honey but more mild than in the nose, finally a little bit bitter, probably from grape fruit.


Medium, dry warming oaky finish, some of sourish fruits with honey and citrus fruits in the end.


This is a great Highland Malt with lots of malty, spicy and honeyed flavour.

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