strathmill 11yo 1985 sv | 43%


A 50ml miniature of Strathmill 11yo 1985 SV , for Vintage Collection Bottling Serie from Signatory Vintage (SV).

Butt No. 2342, Matured in Oak Casks, Single Malt Whisky from Speyside region in Scotland.

Distilled on 04.10.1985 and bottled on 04.1997 at 43% abv.

Bottle Number: 1958 of 2460 mini bottles.



Farmy, earthy and slightly spicy, with some vegetal notes, herbal and lemon tea, steamed carrots with roasted potatoes and thyme.


Fresh, with gentle sweetness of fruity jam and compote, some spices, oak and slightly vegetal notes in the background.


Short length finish, with slightly oak notes and hints of some soft spices.


Isn’t complex and isn’t clear, in fact is strange on the nose and on the taste, with too soft and too simple aftertaste.

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