suntory zen | 40% pure malt whisky


A beautiful 50ml miniature of Suntory ZEN , 100% Pure Malt Whisky from distillery of Suntory in Japan. Bottled by Suntory Limited at 40% abv. Exist 21 types of ZEN in total, all from the 1998 to 2004, and all featured by Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada.



Gentle and and fairly closed, a little fruity with notes of pear, then, hints of varnish or paint thinner, finally, touch of eucalyptus, pepper and salt.


Smooth and soft, mainly malt and cream, then, lingering spiciness with some spices, like nutmeg spice and a little pepper.


Short length finish, a bit dry or dusty, then, a mineral like quality and bamboo shoots, actually simple aftertaste.


This is a uncomplicated malt, easy to drink, nice enough.

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