talisker 10 yo | 45.8%


A 50ml miniature of Talisker 10 yo . Single Malt Whisky from Isle of Skye, Islands region in Scotland. This edition released in the late 2000s ( +/- 2009 ) and bottled as always at 45,8% abv.



A little bit peat and coal smoke, seashells, candle wax, apple peelings and a good deal of orange marmalade.


Both nervous and smooth (nervous on the smoke, smooth on the fruits), with good body, notes of oranges, sweet mustard, salt, pepper and maybe a little sage. As expected, both pepper and salt grow then bigger.


Medium length finish, with candied lemons, peat, pepper and salt.


Very complex nose which has a little bit of everything in it, except for sherry, and the mouthfeel of this one is superb.

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