tormore 10 yo 1980s | 40%


An old 50ml miniature of Tormore 10 yo 1980s , The Tormore Glenlivet bottling. Single Malt Whisky from Speyside region in Scotland. Bottled in the 1980’s at 40% abv.



Light and malty, the sugared breakfast cereals, a little vanilla and caramel, then some dry apples and pears, notes of tea with honey, after a few minutes more fruity and some tropical fruit.


Well balanced but light and soft, lot of barley sugar, notes of light honey, vanilla and caramel again, then again fruits and some tropical fruit, spices and touch of old oak in the end.


Fairly long length finish, with honey and caramel, then fruits, a hint of spices, oak and a hint of yeast.


More lovely by most of current supermarket whiskies.

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